When you're not using the EggAssist for boiling your egg, you can use it as a heat resistant trivet. It's resistant up to 464°F/240°C and therefore ideal for everyday use on your kitchen table!


This awesome product will make it possible to boil up to 6 eggs at a time with a minimum amount of water and energy.

By inserting the EggAssist into any pan in your cupboard, you can put your eggs in without them falling and breaking. The eggs will stand firmly in the EggAssist during boiling.

With no more than 3oz. of water there will be enough to boil your egg(s) in steam. Close your pan with a lid and start boiling. This small amount of water will boil in seconds! That's when you can put your stove at a minimum for the water still to boil. In less than 8 minutes you can enjoy your egg just the way you like it!

This graphical representation gives a good insight in the benefits the EggAssist has. One of the most important unique sellingpoints is the small amount of water used when boiling with the EggAssist. 

​An other unique selling point is the little amount of energy that is used when boiling with the EggAssist. You'll only need to put your stove at maximum until the water boils and then you can turn your stove low. Boiling the EggAssist-way will use less energy than the traditional way.

Not only for boiling an egg